Saltburn Folk Festival

13th - 16th August 2020

Meet the Team

Welcome to the Team page.  There are quite a few of us now, so we thought you might like to know who does what, so you know who to contact if you have any enquiries, complaints or just want to offer an opinion. 

First you need to be aware that every member of the team, whether they be Director ,or steward shaking a donation tin, works the festival without any form of payment.  We all do it because we like folk music dance and song, we enjoyed Saltburn and Redcar before it and we want it to continue into the 2020s.

We thank you and all those who have contributed in any way at all.  Please continue to do so and the festival will continue to be here.

The Directors:

Ken Hall. Director (Artists & Programme)

Leslie D Rankin. Director (Box office Manager)

Marj Inngani. Director (Stewards & Volunteers Manager)

Marion Hall. Director (Publicity & Artists)

The Directors are the members of the team who have put their names to the festival officially, who are legally responsible for the relationship with companies House, HMRC, the wellbeing of the festival and ensuring that it keeps its finances in good order.  As a "Not-for-profit company limited by guarantee" we have obligations to higher powers and we take our responsibilities seriously.  The festival has to be self-financing and can't go into deficit.


Secretarial: Jeam Devasagayam

Accommodation: Joan Ivison

Social Media: Sue Collier

Festival Photographer: Ken Bladen

Press Officer: Ailsa McKenzie

Fringe Coordinator: Guy Cuthbert

Team Leaders:

Venue Management: Chris Milner

Camp Site Management:  Dave the Hat, Dave Richardson,

External Consultants:

Company Formation: Vistra (Formerly Jordan's) Bristol

Trademark Advisors: (Errol Sandiford) Sandiford Tennant LLP

Solicitors:  TBC

Accountant: Ann Clancy

Web Developer: Jack Barber Limited

Financial Management:  Worldpay

Bankers: Lloyds Business Banking

Festival Consultant: Paul Lucas

More to come.